Project Needs

Most of the small projects and foundations supported by Global Goods struggle to maintain the level of services they try to provide. Basic needs such as clothing, food, and school supplies are not always available while extras such as backpacks, vitamins, books, and are in even shorter supply. We regularly bring our suitcases and bags full of these items along with specific requests. We have carried used laptops, roller blades, towels, chemistry equipment, and much more in our travels. The funniest request we ever had was for jock straps for a student mime group in Nicaragua. So you can see, we try to help with whatever is needed.

How can you help??
We are always collecting items from the following list. You can bring them to the Global Goods Store,or a Global Goods sale or call me to arrange a pick up. With any item, we respect the dignity and needs of the recipients and request that all items are in very good condition used or new, but without tears and stains. For clothing items, I use the rule of thumb that if I would not put my child or grandchild in it, I won’t bring it. Having said that, we would be delighted to recycle your donations to our projects.

On-Going Needs
Child and adult vitamins
Books written in Spanish (not textbooks)
Tylenol, Ibuprofen
Puzzles, Dominos, non-verbal games
Summer clothing, all ages
Laptop computers
Bathing Suits, all sizes
Simple first aid supplies (bandaids, gauze, wraps etc.)
New socks and underwear, all ages
School supplies such as pens, markers, rulers, calculators, etc.

Special Needs
Musical instruments for Nicaraguan music program
Hearing Aids for Senang Hati in Bali, Indonesia
Glasses for a Rotary vision project in Peru

Other Ways That You Can Help
Many of our programs are always looking for sponsors for a child’s educational program. Sometimes the costs are as little as $100 a year while other programs cost more. Whenever possible, we provide a photo of your scholarship recipient. Organizations such as Kiva and Women for Women directly connect the donors to the recipients, thereby creating a personal connection to your generosity. This can be a powerful and compassionate lesson for a family trying to encourage global connections, generosity, and kindness. Check individual websites or contact me for more specific suggestions.

“When you know better, you do better.”

Maya Angelou