Our Global Projects

Kiva.org, Worldwide

In many of my travels, I have seen firsthand the importance of small start up loans and the idea of micro lending. I buy regularly from small cooperatives and individuals who started small businesses with great determination and a small amount of money. When I heard about Kiva.org, I was both mesmerized and thrilled. Kiva.org is a person-to-person micro-lending website facilitating individuals to lend directly to entrepreneurs in the developing world. One can read the stories and goals of the individuals seeking loans from around the world and donate as little as $25 to help. Once you have donated, you receive reports of repayment and progress for the individual. After Global Goods tried this out with a small loan to Florence Tawiah in Ghana, I wanted to do more. As I value the impact global connections can have on high school students, I realized Global Goods could fund a classroom of loans for the students at Maynard High School to loan around the world. A good friend, former colleague, and amazing teacher, Jean LaBelle, jumped at the opportunity for some real world impact for her economics students. After the start of school in September 2008, Jean and I will present the students with this opportunity and watch them change some worlds.