Our Global Projects

Central Asia Institute/Pennies for Peace, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia

After reading the book, Three Cups of Tea, I was very impressed by the efforts of Greg Mortenson and wanted to support his work. After receiving life saving support from a village in Pakistan, Greg promised to build them a school. He has done much more than that with his community based education programs in remote mountainous regions of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia. Like Donna Tabor, Greg was one of the five national award recipients from the US Center for Citizen Diplomacy. A community service branch of CAI, Pennies for Peace, encourages our students to save pennies as a way to spread literacy to their peers globally. A penny can buy a pencil, thus opening a door to education for these isolated children. The local schools in Maynard have become involved in Pennies for Peace raising over $250 (25,000 pennies!). Global Goods was delighted to be able to match this amount for a total of $500 in addition to our yearly financial donations.