Our Global Projects

Namugongo Fund for Special Children, Uganda (NFSC)

This project was started in 2000 by Rosette Serwange to serve breakfast to children orphaned by AIDS in the Namugongo area outside of Kampala, Uganda. It is currently providing breakfast to over 1000 orphans and vulnerable children, educational support and fees, health care, and emotional services for these children. With grants, donations, and creative fundraising, it is growing as fast as it can to meet the increasing need for these services. There are now three health clinics supporting these communities and 5 breakfast centers. A grant from the Ugandan government is facilitating a vocational training program to create saleable products while other grants have supported a strong connection with the Boston based medical community. We are pleased that Maynard High School has donated used laptops for data collection and assisted with the development of a new website, as well as supported individual fundraisers. In addition to supporting all of NFSC’s work with substantial yearly donations, Global Goods is also sponsoring a bright young man, Henry Seemugema to continue his secondary schooling in a boarding school.  My husband and I are honored to be on the USA Board of Directors.