Our Global Projects

Yayasan Senang Hati, Bali, Indonesia

As a special education teacher, this project has special meaning to me. This is a Balinese run foundation that encourages social, economic and physical independence and integration for people with disabilities. They provide physical therapy, social activities, vocational/educational development with business applications, and leadership/assertiveness training for people with a variety of disabilities, many having resulted from polio infection. In Indonesia, because disabilities are often considered a result of black magic or karmic punishment, many people with disabilities are socially isolated. Senang Hati raises the self-confidence and provides many opportunities for integration of people with disabilities while working to change cultural stereotypes.  We have been able to donate significant monies and needed supplies ranging from hearing aids to bathing suits for water therapy. We look forward to our yearly visits and time spent with our compassionate and courageous friends.