Our Global Projects

Quinta Los Chavalos and Building New Hope, Nicaragua

We have worked for many years with this project, which provides educational opportunities vocational training programs, art and music opportunities, and other vital community activities to the children of Nicaragua. We have been especially involved with the two schools in poor barrios, one of which provides a residence as well for at risk students.  Donna Tabor, the director, organizes and supports many remarkable additional projects in Nicaragua and El Salvador, and recently was a recipient of a national award from the US Center for Citizen Diplomacy. We have brought many needed items such as chemistry equipment, musical instruments, and medical supplies, donated money for specific needs such as truck tires, and on-going needs such as salaries, and helped out with service trips. Maynard Public School teachers John Flynn and Mike Stevens have accompanied us on several trips to teach art and technology providing a great community service connection for our students. We are continuing to expand Maynard High School and Building New Hope’s connection with additional service and communication projects.