Our Global Projects

Quinta Los Chavalos and Building New Hope, Nicaragua
We have worked for many years with this project, which provides educational opportunities vocational training programs, art and music opportunities, and other vital community activities to the children of Nicaragua ... more

Yayasan Senang Hati, Bali, Indonesia
As a special education teacher, this project has special meaning to me. This is a Balinese run foundation that encourages social, economic and physical independence and integration for people with disabilities ... more

Five Village Project and Ali Shungu Foundation, Ecuador
On a buying trip to Otavalo in 2002, we learned about this foundation created by the owners of the hotel (Margaret and Frank of Hotel Ali Shungu) where we were staying. It has connected five villages ... more

Rights Action and Escuela Jardin de Amor, Guatemala
Our original involvement in Guatemala was to help a young, gifted student, Jorge Soto, stay in school. As that need ended, we became involved with and continue to support indigenous people and human rights programs in rural Guatemala ... more

Namugongo Fund for Special Children, Uganda (NFSC)
This project was started in 2000 by Rosette Serwange to serve breakfast to children orphaned by AIDS in the Namugongo area outside of Kampala, Uganda. It is currently providing breakfast to over 1000 orphans and vulnerable children ... more

The Sharing Foundation, Cambodia
The Sharing Foundation was established in 1998 by my daughters’ pediatrician, Dr. Nancy Hendrie. Its mission is to help meet the physical, emotional, educational, and medical needs of orphaned and seriously disadvantaged children in Cambodia. It does that and more ... more

Central Asia Institute/Pennies for Peace, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia
After reading the book, Three Cups of Tea, I was very impressed by the efforts of Greg Mortenson and wanted to support his work. After receiving life saving support from a village in Pakistan, Greg promised to build them a school. He has done much more ... more

International Book Project, United States
Since I was a teenager, I have been involved with IBP sending books overseas. Their mission is to promote education and literacy around the globe and at home. They send individual boxes of books or entire shipping containers full of books to schools ... more

Children’s Hope in Action, Vietnam
Our good friends Duyen and Trung, in Hoi An, Vietnam, introduced us to this Australian foundation. On a recent trip to Vietnam, we met with Robyn, the founder and on site director of Children’s Hope in Action. We were very impressed with her spirited ... more

Women For Women International, Worldwide
My sister Roberta introduced me to this program which mirrors so much of what I have experienced traveling. Wherever I travel and talk with women, I am consistently impressed with the fact that we are all dealing with the same issues. The differences in our lives make ... more

Kiva.org, Worldwide
In many of my travels, I have seen firsthand the importance of small start up loans and the idea of micro lending. I buy regularly from small cooperatives and individuals who started small businesses with great determination and a small amount of money ... more