About Global Goods

Global Goods began in a small market town in Tanzania, Africa. What started as a conversation with a young man, developed into a sponsorship to Dar Es Salaam University. Amon Elisha had been awarded a place at the national university but was not able to attend, as his family are Maasai farmers without any extra money. My husband and I supported him through his university studies while he majored in international economics. As Amon felt obligated to us, he suggested that he send some handmade items for us to sell as a means to recoup some of his tuition expense.

Amon Elisha at the University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Amon with a friend

These items sold quickly and friends clamored for more. I began to think how this could benefit many here with desirable goods and others overseas with continued educational support. With a love of travel and appreciation for the value of education to improve lives, Global Goods was born. Our original inspiration, Amon, graduated in 2001 and is now a marketing director for an international corporation and living with his family in Dar Es Salaam. We are the proud godparents of his son, Rodgers, named after us.

Rodgers, our godson at home

As a teacher with a love of travel, a need to give back, and the firsthand knowledge of the difference education can make, creating Global Goods has been a dream come true. By combining my 30 years as a teacher and my desire to connect globally, I am trying to make the world a more equitable place. I source the products directly through my travels, while making friendships that extend beyond business. The various foundations and projects that receive our donations are serendipitously discovered through personal recommendations and connections. When we travel, we go with our suitcases full of needed supplies and donations, returning full of gorgeous new items to sell.  In addition Global Goods supports local charities and schools with our fundraiser program and individual donations.

Amon, his wife Josephine, and friend on a village road in Arusha, Tanzania

"It takes a village to raise a child"
African Proverb